Clean Energy with Solar Palms

Solar Power Production

Acorn Self Storage is the only self-storage in Contra Costa County that produces clean energy from solar panels located on storage building roof-tops. We placed solar panels on about 3,000 square feet of our roof in 2006. Acorn Self Storage produces more clean energy than it uses during the summer. So, during peak demand periods when everyone is using their air conditioners we are helping you by supplying extra low cost power back into the grid. We hope that you will recognize our contribution to the environment and patronize our environmentally sensitive business. We also recycle our excess paper, plastic, and cardboard.

In the future we hope state law changes so we can utilize our remaining storage roof top area of approximately 147,000 square feet to produce more solar power. Our goal is to plant the seed of clean solar power production on the roofs of self storage facilities in Brentwood, then to Contra Costa County, the state, and finally the nation. With your help we hope to expand this energy free source to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Acorn Self Storage uses solar energy to benefit business, customers and the environment

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Solar palms at Acorn Self Storage